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D2D PHY 2.5D IPs
Inpsytech provides highly customize D2D solution and help our custom
to build their high bandwidth architecture quickly

Key Feature:
  • Inpsytech provides double data rate architecture
  • Inpsytech provides silicon proven D2D IP at Q3 2022 in advanced node and speed up to 16Gbps
  • Inpsytech provides high-speed standard cells and speed up to 10Gbps
  • Inpsytech provides high-speed IO at CoWos package and speed up to 20Gbps
  • Inpsytech supports data eye monitors with left/right quards
  • Inpsytech provides patent pending VT adaptive receiver
  • Inpsytech supports short porting time to other process
  • Inpsytech provides firmware base design allow easy update
  • Inpsytech got "Partner" award from custom
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