About Us
Innovating the Silicon World with Creative Insight
What We Do
InPsytech, Inc. was established in September 2019, with a strong focus on the design and development of key silicon intellectual property (IP) technologies in the IC design industry. Through a seamless collaboration with major global wafer foundries and chip design houses, including clients and strategic partners, InPsytech has well showcased its capability to design and develop silicon IPs on cutting-edge semiconductor manufacturing processes.InPsytech, Inc. is a professional IP provider headquartered in Zhubei City, Taiwan, with a broad portfolio of various high-speed interface IPs, including DDR, LPDDR, D2D, ONFI, and more. Our team members come from major semiconductor companies worldwide, with extensive experience in IPs fabricated using advanced processes, including a successful track record of mass production in process nodes ranging from 40nm to 5nm.
Business Philosophy
Our mission is to empower innovation by providing cutting-edge silicon IP solutions that enable our clients to create superior semiconductor products. We strive to deliver exceptional value through our expertise, reliability and customer-centric approach in semiconductor industry.
To be the leading provider of innovative silicon IP solutions, recognized globally for our exceptional quality, technical excellence, and unmatched customer satisfaction.
Quality Policy
At InPsytech, we are committed to ensuring that there are no significant adverse defects in product quality on the customer side.
Customer Satisfaction
Leading Technology
Constant Innovation

The word "InPsy" featured in the company name is derived from a phonetic association with the word "Insight."

We aspire to become a technology-leading IP supplier, and to maintain this leadership, there is a prerequisite: we must constantly stay ahead of trends.
This is what we call "insight," which is also known as foresight or the ability to anticipate future trends in Chinese.

Why InPsy and not Insight, then?

Psy is derived from the word "Psyche," the name of the 16th asteroid discovered in 1852, dubbed "16 Psyche." This peculiar celestial body is composed almost entirely of iron, nickel, and rare metals, with an enormous commercial value estimated at $10,000 quadrillion. It is also one of the two asteroid missions approved by NASA in 2019, the very year InPsytech was founded.
By adopting the name "Psyche," we aspire to possess a commercial value that is just as significant as this all-metal asteroid, one that simply cannot be overlooked.